Domain Brokerage

Brokering domain names is part science, part art, and a large part sweat!

The SCIENCE is identify prospective benefactors of the domain name and what the benefit could be to them. The ART is how that benefit is conveyed to them. The SWEAT is the actual doing it.

I have brokered all kinds of domains in my career. Ranging from domains selling for a few hundred dollars to some which sold for seven figures. I have been hired by SELLERS and I have been hired by BUYERS. I have closed private transactions and I have closed deals in public auctions. I have even sold portfolios of domains that included several thousand domains in a single transaction. When I was not selling, I was managing other brokers. I am selective about the domains I broker and the people I work with, but I would be delighted to provide you with a free consultation to determine whether I can help you.

Brokerage Categories

  • Buyer Commissioned
  • Seller Commissioned
  • Domains for Branding
  • Domains for Parking (PPC)

Click here if you are interested in my brokerage services, please provide me with information using the form below, so I can evaluate whether I can help you.

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